Customer Reviews

Hiscall, over our almost 15-year relationship, has been consistent, providing responsive, high-quality service. Here’s where a good relationship is invaluable. we place a great deal of trust in who we’re doing business with and what they tell us. Trust is something that develops over time. We have that trust in Hiscall and we value the relationship.DeWayne Olive | Executive Vice President & CFO | F&M Bank
What makes me the happiest about Hiscall is that they are very responsive. When an issue comes up, they contact me quickly to see what we need and how to best resolve the issue. My sales representative stays in contact with me to make sure everything is taken care of to our liking.Nathan | Powell-Clinch Utility District
Hiscall is a family-owned company that treats the customer like family. They will take care of you before, during, and after any work they provide. Everyone I have had contact with is professional and incredibly responsive to our questions and issues.Tony | Valley Packaging
Hiscall has the ability to maintain and support the products they deliver. Plus, the folks I work with are super nice and down to earth. When we started a new project, the responsiveness exceeded our expectations. Their ability to support the product and have parts available quickly, if necessary, stands out from competitors. Jon | Centennial Bank
Before our relationship with Hiscall, we had no central management of our telecommunications platform. Hiscall provided a good product with caring customer service. Our relationship with our sales representative has helped to ensure a fulfilling relationship with Hiscall, Inc. Mike | Northwest TN Head Start
Great company.  Reliable.  Honest.  Helpful.  Great people to work with. The service is exceptional. Everyone we have come in contact with since day one has been nice to deal with. This crew was professional, friendly, and had a good knowledge of the system. Angie | Varden's Body Shop & Repair

Hiscall, Inc., Telephones, Dickson, TN