Phone Systems

business phone systems

Telephony continues to be the lifeline of businesses today. Even when other means of communication are available, there are times and situations you just need to speak with someone who has the expertise to properly assist you. Your phone system and its features can be provided on your premise or hosted in the cloud.


Hiscall also offers best-in- class solutions for your telephony premiums, such as:

Call Reporting & Call Accounting
Video and Audio Conferencing
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Interactive Voice Response
Contact Centers
SIP Session Management
Speech to Text
Unified Messaging
Specialty Handsets
Overhead Paging

Premise Based Phone Systems:

A premise-based phone system is one that is owned, controlled, and maintained within the business itself. A feature server, call controller, and media gateways are deployed at your site or data center. The end user is responsible for all upgrades, maintenance, and/or expansion of the system.

Cloud/Hosted Phone Systems:

Hosted phone systems are cloud-based and often referred to as Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Rather than purchase, install, and maintain a phones system, access and use of the systems features and services are acquired on a per user basis through a monthly subscription service. The only hardware deployed onsite may be the physical phone and a network PoE switch. The end-users are connected to the virtual phone system via an IP network, which delivers the voice (VoIP).

Unified Communications:

Streamline the user experience and easily communicate using voice, chat, video conferencing and screen sharing all from one solution. Unified Communications delivers a total solution. It eliminates multiple screens and enables users to increase productivity, streamline workflows and collaborate with ease.