SCI Alliance

SCI Alliance, a division of Sound Communications, has solid partnerships with industry-leading manufacturers and developers in the contact recording space. More importantly, we have 15+ years of experience in configuring, installing and supporting digital recording systems. With more than 800 successful implementations, the SCIA team works with partners like Hiscall to be your subject matter experts in recording, QA, WFO and speech analytics applications.

The value of a recorded call increases exponentially when additional information is stored with the audio file. Imagine the power of having any or all of the following included with your recordings:

  • Agent activity on the desktop during the call. By viewing the agent’s actions in conjunction with their words, you can quickly identify training needs, processes that need refined, and coaching that needs to be delivered.
  • CTI information. Our call recording systems easily integrate with your Avaya PBX, and this not only enables us to store CTI data (like dialed number, caller ID, agent login, and more) with the recorded call, but also to make recording decisions based on CTI information.
  • Agent-entered information. This functionality differs from screen recording in that specific bits of data (like a client account number) can be stored in the recording database of your Call Center and used for searching. Such “tagging” of call information can either be a deliberate step by the agent, or an automatic capture of information from other applications.

To learn more about the possible applications for your contact center, ask your Hiscall account manager to arrange a discovery session with SCI Alliance. You can also visit us through our parent company’s website at