N-Focus is a revolutionary new software solution that provides valuable web-based analysis about the performance and effectiveness of your Avaya call center operations. N-Focus proactively seeks out and highlights call center performance information such as:

  • Who were your best and worst call center agents today, yesterday, last week, or even last month?
  • Is the call center over or understaffed?
  • Who are the most productive or least productive agents?
  • Is call center performance really improving or degrading over time?

N-Focus Key Features:

  • Web-Based Reporting with Unlimited Supervisor Views
  • Scheduled Email Reports
  • Real-Time Alert Triggers
  • Ease of Use: Very little training required
  • Mobile Device Interface
  • Multiple PBX Support
  • Historical Reporting
  • Real-Time Graphing and Large Display Support
  • All Version of Communication Manger Supported
  • High performance, scalable Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) database utilized

N-Focus also allows you to deploy an easy to use and affordable call center reporting solution:

  • Display N-Focus reports to any web browser throughout your organization, anywhere in the world
  • Unlimited views to all N-Focus reports allows any number of supervisors and upper management in companies to utilize key call center analysis information
  • Automatically E-Mail Reports as PDF files or Excel Spreadsheets

N-Focus comes in two versions:

N-Focus – For Avaya Call Centers that are not using CMS™, N-Focus provides a turnkey reporting solution:

  • 100% web-based reporting with unlimited Supervisor views
  • 15 minute installation, intuitive reporting interface is very easy to learn/use
  • Real-time and unlimited historical reporting – proactive alerts identify problems quickly

Learn more about N-Focus :

N-Focus Plus for CMS – For CMS customers, N-Focus provides instant web-based reporting for everyone in the call center:

  • Upgrade to web-based reporting right now – no hardware or software upgrades required
  • Distribute powerful web-based reports to call center managers, supervisors, outsourcers, plasma/LCD screens, and mobile devices
  • Deliver key performance reports to hundreds of call center personnel in seconds

Learn more about N-Focus Plus: